Eco-Tales No.1

Firstly Eco-Tales is a series of tales about people who have chosen to intergrate their lives more closely with nature, to embrace a more holistic lifestyle, to live more sustainably, consciously, and ethically whilst having a greater respect for their environment and to their fellow beings, whether of the two or four-legged kind. These short tales in interview style will tell people’s stories of why they chose a greener path, how they got to where they are now and what it means for them. They will share some tips, some insights, their experiences and knowledge. We can always learn and get inspiration from the stories of others. Enjoy!

No. 1 Pre & Post Natal Yoga with Eliza Coolsma

The first tale is ‘Pre and Post-Natal Yoga’ by Eliza Coolsma, a Dutch yoga teacher based in Madrid. Her website is

Thanks to the delightful cafe Magasand in Madrid for our juices and teas 🙂

Magasand Madrid
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Eco-Bathrooms – Eliza’s

I asked my friend and yoga teacher Eliza what natural, organic beauty products she was using and  could recommend. Being passionate about using more natural products myself I wanted to know what others were using and why. I think there is still a stigma attached to ‘natural’ products that they don’t work as well or smell odd, but in fact very often this is simply not the case!

Here’s what she said…

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