A London Wedding

August is the most popular month to get married, and understandably so in England where the weather is most changeable, one hopes to be able rely on some sunshine! My dear friend Camilla got married in Chelsea and Dorset (yes two ceremonies!) and I had the pleasure of doing her makeup for both. I used virtually only natural makeup products to give her a flawless, natural, radiant finish!


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Beauty That Lasts

I have been inspired to write this post in response to two things I saw last week.

One was a documentary about Greece (with the dishy Simon Reeve on the BBC) in which I saw the most enormous landfill site, in fact the biggest in Europe, just outside Athens. A truly disturbing site, that made me feel nauseous.

Second, on a lighter note, was the great website by Tara Button called ‘Buy Me Once’. A site which sells only items from manufacturers that can guarantee that their product will last a lifetime, if it breaks it can be mended to full, operational functionality. Adios planned obsolescence!

Beauty that lasts...Less is more-3

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A Yogi Bride

My dear friend and yoga teacher got married this summer in the beautiful mountains of Italy and had a ceremony in Holland. I am sure you will agree that she looked stunning on the day! In preparation for her wedding she came to me for some organic makeup advice as she had planned to do her own makeup on both occasions and wanted to know what to do and what natural beauty products she could use.

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