Organic Hand Love

I have a pile of lemons (and oranges and grapefruits!) in my kitchen from a recent trip to the sunny climes of Murcia in southern Spain, what to do with them all!? Luckily, lemons are probably one of the most versatile citrus fruits and can be used for many purposes from detoxing the body to cleaning your house, you can use their juice or the oil from their zest. PS: they also freeze really well!


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Product of the month of March!


This little pot of balm is AMAZING! Egyptian Magic has been around for a while, but I only just got round to buying a pot last month. It is made only from Olive oil, Beeswax, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, Honey and Propolis extract. So no synthetic nasties lurking anywhere. Unfortunately it might have cost a few airmiles, but one pot at least should last you a while! Continue reading “Product of the month of March!”

Beauty That Lasts

I have been inspired to write this post in response to two things I saw last week.

One was a documentary about Greece (with the dishy Simon Reeve on the BBC) in which I saw the most enormous landfill site, in fact the biggest in Europe, just outside Athens. A truly disturbing site, that made me feel nauseous.

Second, on a lighter note, was the great website by Tara Button called ‘Buy Me Once’. A site which sells only items from manufacturers that can guarantee that their product will last a lifetime, if it breaks it can be mended to full, operational functionality. Adios planned obsolescence!

Beauty that lasts...Less is more-3

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Early Spring Clean…

…ok so it’s not quite Spring yet, but it does feel like it’s so close due to this surprisingly warm weather we have had for winter! If it is due to climate change then all the more reason to be that little more ecologically aware, make your green footprint even bigger starting from today!

But back to the body – in winter our skin can become like a lizard’s and needs to be sloughed, brushed and buffed back to shiny, smooth perfection! Our circulation too can be sluggish as perhaps we spend more time inside on the sofa or in bed hibernating! The best way to wake up and renew our skin is by  dry body brushing, an old, old technique that really works.


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A Bohemian Bride – Organic wedding makeup

I have been doing some bridal makeovers recently and I was super happy to be asked to use only organic, eco-friendly makeup and beauty products for Xochi Balfour’s wedding in June. Xochi runs her own blog ‘The Naturalista‘ and is passionate about green-living, sustainability and ethical practices, therefore she wanted her bridal makeup to be in line with her beliefs. Marcus_Dawes_167

For her bridal makeover these are some of the products I used:

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Organic Foot Love

Organic Pedicures

As the summer drifts hotly, sweetly, dreamily by our feet can become somewhat dry, cracked and battered by the daily abuse of ill-fitting sandals, hot sand and dry climates.

Happy Feet

Certainly living here in Spain my feet get super damaged by the heat and I have to be careful not to end up with cracked-heels, not nice!

Here are some lovely, luscious, luxurious organic pedicure tips! Including a corresponding yoga pose to ease tired legs and feet.

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