Coconut Oil for Baby’s Skin

Silvi said, ‘I want to use some cream for my baby’s flakey skin.’  I replied, ‘use coconut oil!’ It’s safe and uniquely moisturising and extremely nourishing for babies skin, as well as for the Mamas! Cold-pressed, virgin, unrefined, organic coconut oil is perfect for massaging into your baby’s skin if it appears a little dry or if your baby has cradle-cap. Best used after bath-time on damp skin and/or when your baby is quiet and it’s possible for you to lightly massage a small amount of the coconut oil into the skin to help with dryness.


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Easy Home Hair Mask

The autumn has now gone and winter is setting in, that means lots of blow-drying and central heating amongst other things (cashmere socks, hot chocolates, log fires…!)  With the change of season our skin and hair can often suffer, breakouts, dryness, redness, brittleness etc. so I decided to share my home hair mask which is very simple and effective, though I can’t vouch that it will suit everybody’s hair of course!  But whenever I use it my hair is much softer afterwards and it also nourishes the scalp too.

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