Why do lips get dry and chapped? My 3 Best Natural Lip Balms

Winter, ’tis the season of dry, cracked, chapped lips! Why do they get so dry? Well the most common reason is the weather and exposure to the elements like wind and UV rays.


The lips do not (hopefully!) have hair covering them to provide protection nor do they contain oil glands to give moisture. The skin of the lip area is similar to that of the eye, in that it is more delicate than the rest of the face and body, therefore it needs extra attention.

Some other reasons lips may get dry is:

  • dehydration, so make sure you keep up your water intake
  • or from digestive issues, you may notice that you have dry patches around the lip area
  • or from allergies to beauty products that you are using. (You may notice that as much as you apply a lip-balm your lips are still dry!)

close-up of a woman's hand touching her lip

When choosing a lip balm be sure to always go as natural as possible or preferably organic. As a lip balm is on your lips remember that you ingest a small amount of the product from your fingers, licking your lips, drinking from you coffee cup, kissing etc. So this means you want to find one with NO:

  • mineral oils such as petrolatum or paraffinum liquidum
  • parabens
  • synthetic perfumes such as phthalates – sometimes you will just see ‘fragrance’ on the label, no no! (unless the product is certified organic)
  • If the lip balm has an SPF, beware of the chemical sunscreen ingredients such as oxybenzone, mineral sunblocks such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are better for you.
  • If you are vegan then you may also want to avoid beeswax and lanolin.

If your product has a lot of strange looking ingredients then you may want to do a quick ‘google’ and check out what those are! EWG’s Skin Deep is great website that has information about ‘suspicious’ ingredients.

Look for products that contain natural vegetable oils like coconut, olive, jojoba, apricot kernal etc. and essential oils, lavender, rose, geranium for example. These ingredients will actually nourish and help to heal the lips.

So here are my chosen 3 that I love to use! I find for me they work great šŸ™‚

  1. Dr Hauschka – a cute little pot that fits everywhere!dr-hauschka-lip-balm-4-dot-5ml
  2. Sanoflore – French certified organic brand.baume-a-levres-miel-nourricier-12g-sanoflore-12705-l
  3. Bio BeautĆ© by Nuxe tinted lip balm – this comes in a neutral shade, a pale pink (Apricot) or this one which has a higher purple/pink colour density.


What are your favourite lip balms?

Rosemary Smudge Sticks

Smudge sticks are a custom from the Native American Indians, they are small, dried bundles of usually sage twigs that are burnt and the smoke wafted to clear bad or negative energies fromĀ spaces or people and for ceremonial blessings.

White sage was traditionally used but you can also use rosemary, thyme, rose or lavender to make smudge sticks. Below, for a New Year’s Day ritual, I made rosemary and thyme smudge sticks. In the Languedoc region of France the landscape of the ‘garrigue’ provides a multitude of wild herbs and plants for smudge stick making, so I was lucky to be able to harvest some fresh sprigs in the December sunshine!smudgesticks Continue reading “Rosemary Smudge Sticks”

Coconut Oil for Baby’s Skin

Silvi said, ‘I want to use some cream for my baby’s flakey skin.’ Ā I replied, ‘use coconut oil!’ It’s safe and uniquely moisturising and extremely nourishing for babies skin, as well as for the Mamas! Cold-pressed, virgin, unrefined, organic coconut oil is perfect for massaging into your baby’s skin if it appears a little dry or if your baby has cradle-cap. Best used after bath-time on damp skin and/or when your baby is quiet and it’s possible for you to lightly massage a small amount of the coconut oil into the skin to help with dryness.


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A London Wedding

August is the most popular month to get married, and understandably so in England where the weather is most changeable, one hopes to be able rely on some sunshine! My dear friend Camilla got married in Chelsea and Dorset (yes two ceremonies!) and I had the pleasure of doing her makeup for both. I used virtually only natural makeup products to give her a flawless, natural, radiant finish!


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Organic Makeup Brands

I often getĀ asked about what brands of organic, natural, eco-friendly makeup there are available. Of course nowadays there are many but here is a short list of someĀ brands that I have used and recommend!

Benecos,Ā RMS,Ā Dr Hauschka,Ā Neal’s Yard,Ā Lavera,Ā Inika,Ā Pacifica,Ā Nuxe Bio,Ā BellĆ” Pierre,Ā Burt’s Bees,Ā Jane Iredale,Ā Ilia, Nvey Eco, Well People, Organic Pharmacy…and the list does go on as there are new brands appearing, but all of the above are available readily in Europe either in stores or online.


Do try them out as you won’t be disappointed and you’ll feel better knowing that you are not putting so many nasty chemicals on the biggest organ of your body – your skin!!

Eco-Tales No.1

Firstly Eco-Tales is a series of tales about people who have chosen to intergrate their lives more closely with nature, to embrace a more holistic lifestyle, to live more sustainably, consciously, and ethically whilst having a greater respect for their environment and to their fellow beings, whether of the two or four-legged kind. These short tales in interview style will tell peopleā€™s stories of why they chose a greener path, how they got to where they are now and what it means for them. They will share some tips, some insights, their experiences and knowledge. We can always learn and getĀ inspiration from the stories of others. Enjoy!

No. 1 Pre & Post Natal Yoga with Eliza Coolsma

The first tale is ā€˜Pre and Post-Natal Yogaā€™ by Eliza Coolsma, a Dutch yoga teacher based in Madrid. Her website is www.elizacoolsma.com

Thanks to the delightful cafeĀ Magasand in Madrid for our juices and teas šŸ™‚

Magasand Madrid
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